Three Powerful Words Your Partner Needs to Hear

Three Powerful Words Your Partner Needs to Hear

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Three little words are so powerful

Three little words can take your relationship from the ditch to the stratosphere in seconds. Learn them, learn how to use them and you can create a level of emotional intimacy other couples only dream of. 

You might be thinking you know the words already. You’d be wrong. Sure “those” words are important but they are often said without conviction or in circumstances that don’t necessarily invite emotional intimacy. 

They can connect you in a way unlike any other words can.

The words we’re talking about here convey a meaning deeper and touch a place in our emotional core more intensely than those other “3 little words.” They are music to our emotional ears.

So, what are these words that can change your relationship so profoundly? Get ready. They might shock you. They might even confuse you a little. But make no mistake, they can change your world. 

“I Hear You”

That’s it. “I hear you.” Three little words that are at once so simple and yet communicate so much emotional intensity. They can connect you in a way unlike any other words can.  And bonus, when couples are high on emotional intimacy, physical intimacy is usually not far behind. 

So what is it about these words that are so important to a relationship? 


Communication is the foundation of relationships. It is the way we convey love, caring, sharing ideas, pleasure, displeasure…it is part of everything we do. When couples are struggling, communication is usually at the heart of the matter.

Communication is the foundation of relationships.

But communication is more than just “talking” to each other. Have you ever talked to your partner and walked away wondering if they even heard what you said? Or worse, do you even remember what they said? Breakdown ahead.

Communication is all about listening not only to the words but also listening for meaning. As emotional beings, we have a deep and profound need to be heard. That’s not the same as someone just listening to us talk or simply agreeing with us. It’s knowing that another person can hear not just our words but what is in our hearts. It’s knowing they can at least empathize even if they do not agree.


When your partner knows that you hear them that you get it, the level of emotional connection they feel for you goes through the roof. Think about it. How would it feel if your partner said, “I hear you” and said it in a way that you just knew that they get it – that they feel you? 

It’s that same feeling your partner will feel when you say it and mean it. And when couples are connected with that level of emotional intimacy, that relationship is strong, passionate, enduring and satisfying. 

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Written by
Dr. Dawn Ferrara, LMFT